Thank you for visiting my blog.  I am so delighted you've joined me on my photography journey!
I'm a Sydney-based food and still life photographer.  I am also a philologue, a theatre critic, and a journalist.  My deepest love has been telling stories and I've discovered the magic of photography as a great tool of expression. 
Here you can find the latest on my most recent collaborations with clients and artists, my ongoing personal creative projects and all of my current inspirations, visual and written stories.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

A Brief History

I am Sophia, the photographic writer who flirts with words and visually narrates…

I was born in Bulgaria and life took me to Australia more than 20 years ago, where I settled in Sydney, met my husband and now we enjoy our two beautiful daughters.

I got a Masters Degree in Philology and one in the Science of Dramatic Art from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, and though I worked as a journalist and news editor in Bulgaria and in a number of corporate environments when I moved to Australia, I always stayed true to my first love of storytelling.  Whether it was in the form of the written word, stage performance or visual narrating, I have accumulated a lifetime of knowledge about world culture and art and now, through photography, I have found a way of expressing my stories visually.

To me, the art of food photography is more than just documenting the obvious.  I see it as a way of conveying feelings, as a way of taking my audience to different places of emotions.  I look at my photography as a still shot of some storybook or an old motion picture.  With every image, I welcome the viewers to enter the world of food redolent of memories, emotions, moods, and thoughts; to evoke the depth of our simple consumer-being and take a different look at the simple things that nourish us as human beings and thinking creatures.