I hear about some impending homework always at the doorsteps just as I lock the door and will drive to school...

It was a “bring-something-green-and-useful-nature-loving-for-the-school-kitchen-garden” kind of thing.  And I could feel my blood pressure just pumping through my ears and I could whistle like a steam train from fury and very reasonable parental rage...

There we go again!!!  I made a U-turn and shoot straight to the nearest nursery where just a few days ago I was procrastinating over one gentle branch of olive tree sheltered between clay pots and bags of manure.  I stormed into the shop, walking directly to the little seedling, grabbed it and herded my daughters to hurry up.  As I was paying I remembered - “There was one more.”  So we ended up with one for school and one for home.

When I handled the teacher our little seedling, I apologised that it is not a vegetable for the school kitchen garden.  Just hope, I continued, that the children take the deep meaning of the symbol this beautiful tree carries – about long life, about victory, about peace, wisdom and freedom.  As I was cracking my knuckles and excusing about my choice, the teacher rushed to me with the biggest, softest, warmest hug and said: “You are a wise woman”.  I saw her eyes swimming in emotions.  Well, this little tree will thrive great in this school yard!

The next morning my daughter dragged me to the middle of the school yard with exciting skipping and shouting around the newly planted baby-tree: “Mama, mama, look!  This is our tree!  Our teacher called it “Apollonia’s Tree!”

Yes, my dear Apollonia and all children that will water and will watch this tree grow – live long, be victorious, stay in peace, grow wise and treasure your freedom!

Till my next post!

My very best wishes to you,


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