24th February to 2nd March 2014 – 365 DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY

Hello again, my friends!

Another week from the 365 Days of Photography challenge passed.

We had walks at the Olympic Regatta Centre and fed the ducks.  We were “catching” the last summer days with lots of watermelon juicy sweetness.  We skipped the rubber band and played “England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Inside, Outside, Inside, On”.  We rang the old School bell.  We knocked on the neighbour's yellow gate...  But the biggest fun was greeting the First of March with plenty of red and white Martenitsi twined and woven from wool and silk.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at the images from the past week.  Hope to see you here again next week!

Review of the week that past and the images from 24th February to 2nd March 2014.

24th February 2014

25th February 2014

26th February 2014

27th February 2014

28th February 2014

1st March 2014

2nd March 2014

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18th to 23rd February 2014 – 365 DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY