Carême Traditional Pastry

I have never met somebody with so much passion for the things they are doing as the family behind the famous Carême Traditional Pastry from Barossa Valley, South Australia.  And it hasn’t been once or twice when I was specially treated with their kindness and generosity.  Meet William Wood and his lovely wife Claire – two lovely people that everybody should be proud to have them as friends!
It was about a year ago when I got in my mail box a special parcel with a fresh aroma of mother for sourdough starter.  I still can close my eyes and remember the feeling when I opened this precious packet.  The old people in my country say that if one gives away bread starter as a present he or she is blessed to have lots of good fortune and good luck in their life!  Well, looking at my big box, William and Claire are family I will be blessing for the rest of my life…
Last Saturday I got the pleasure to meet personally William on one of his regular cooking classes which he runs around the country.  It was in Sydney Cooking School at Neutral Bay as part of the introduction of their new gluten free pastry range in both sweet and savoury.
Until this class I haven’t ventured much in Gluten-Free land, but with William’s excitement about creating dishes from the best ingredients, we were in for a treat.  So here is what we had the pleasure to see being prepared right in front of our eyes and to taste it –

Next was Mini Middle Eastern Lamb Hand Pies.

And the best for last - we finished with amazingly delicious Pear, Walnut and Preserved Lemon Tart.  And when I say 'delicious', I mean gloriously delicious!  So much so that my daughter ate it before I can take a photo of it…
I owe another blog post that will be dedicated especially to this amazing desert.

We had the opportunity to hear invaluable tips and secrets that can help every time to be successful when baking with gluten free pastry.
Keep your eyes on any new classes and events that Carême Traditional Pastry might be running in the town near you.  Most of the information is on their website, but if you follow them on their Facebook page, you will get instant notifications for the latest upcoming events.  I can't wait for the next William's visit in Sydney to take part of his classes.  By then I'll make sure I have the baby sitting sorted and I will not have to tow along my daughters.   If you ask them, they had big fun - they met a Master Chef, they ate and licked their fingers, they played under the table...
There was only one thing missing...  “Mum, when is Manu coming?” my oldest daughter was nagging.  Hmmm, my little lady has become another casualty of the celebrity tv shows!

Till my next post!
My very best wishes to you,

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